If you want to order more than 10 yards or 10 Tons of material for delivery you must contact the office for pricing at (585) 734-3736.

If your order is outside of Monroe County you must call the office for pricing at (585) 734-3736.

Once the mulch or stone or sand is delivered to your location, it cannot be moved or exchanged.

Please choose your product carefully and the driveway location for your delivery should be provided in the notes of your order.

We can only deliver to your driveway. (If special delivery is required please call the office at (585) 734-3736.

If you ordered Topsoil and it rained either the day of the order or the day before most likely it is wet and you will want to call the office for a more estimated time of delivery. We don’t deliver mud and our products are top quality which separates us from all of our competitors.

Please make sure for delivery your Email Address, Name, Correct Address, City, State & Zip Code is filled out completely on the order form. This is a must for correct delivery.

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